Wren & Willow

I had the opportunity to photograph a building at the north end of Tacoma, WA, that is a new office building of a remodeling contractor Wren and Willow. It originally was build in 1917 and was used as a antique store and other part of it was a candy shop.

The owners where trying to preserve the original fill and look of the 1020’s era.  When you walk in, its like you step back in time. Most of the trim work and floors inside were reclaimed 100 year old wood with every imperfection and scratch that breathes life in to it. The office is furnished with a lot of antique furniture that complements the stile very well.

The front part of the building is a gallery/store with antiques and art pieces from the local artists.

The owners also plan to host art galleries and events with the local artist.

If you ever in the north end of Tacoma, WA near the point defiance part I highly recommend to stop by and check out this amazing place.

Located right next to Antique Sandwich Shop on the N. Pearl st.

Check out their Facebook page to see some of the amazing work they do


VIT_9885 copyVIT_0294 copy VIT_0331 copy VIT_0336-Edit copy VIT_9768 copy

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