Soft light


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7 Responses to Soft light

  1. Pretty picture, I like the contrast in dark and light hues.

  2. syafiz says:

    very nice editing picture.. mind telling me changing the master hue or the other colours? thank you.. =)

    • vitfoto says:

      You have to start with a high key image to get this effect. In photoshop I created a hue/saturation adjustment layer after disaturating everything change the blending mode to screen.

      • Thanks vitfoto.. You are truely amazing. I’m amaze with all of your soft key image photograph by you. Nowadays there are so little people that are not stingy about their photography knowledge, and one of it is, you. And i’m glad to know you as well, i hope you can give a good feedback from my picture that involved on flash lighting and available lighs. thank you very very much and i really meant all of these. =)

  3. owh thank you man.. you are absolutely awesome.. meaning that the hue is still at 0, saturation on the -ve values and the lightness is on 0 also? btw, keep up the good works man. =)

  4. vitfoto says:

    You are welcome, I am glad I could help. Tell you the truth I got to it by accident, but I guess that is how we learn new tricks.

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