mt. Rainier (moon effect)

Any one that ever saw a moon rise will say that the moon is bigger at the horizon, it does appear huge and bright. The fact is that it is the same distance to the earth at the rise so as a few hours later when its all the way up. This weird elusion has confused people for ages and until this day no one really knows why its seems that way, and tell you the truth I don’t really care I like to enjoy nature and its unknown.

The image above was taken the same day I took the image of the mountain rainier from Puyallup Landfill. In fact this road is half way from the landfill to my house and the weird thing about it is that its probably about 2-3 miles further from the mountain, but the mountain looks huge and seems a lot bigger than the the view from the landfill. Another funny thing is if you drive towards the mountain on this road it actually gets smaller and eventually disappears behind the trees and if you drive further away the road turns and it is also becomes invisible, so you have to be exactly on this part of the road to capture this image. The way I noticed it is driving home I saw the mountain grow out of the ground filling the whole sky in the rearview mirror, I couldn’t pass by the opportunity to photograph it.

I am pretty sure there is an explanation on why this appears this way, it could be the way the road curves, the trees on the horizon might also have something to do with it, the road elevation and its angle to the mountain might also be the factor.

This is the reason I called this image the moon effect, because like the moon seems large at the horizon same is the mountain in this particular spot. It is a mystery…

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