mt. Rainier

Here is the picture of a good old mt. Rainier, I shot it last week. There seems nothing special about it, what special and kind of funny is the location this was taken. The foreground is a Meridian Landfill(dump) located in Puyallup, WA.

Each time I am going over there to get read of some garbage I always wish I had a camera on me, its one of the best views of the mountain because the landfill is up on the hill and covers a large area so there is nothing in the way of the view. So last week I was there and I actually had a multiple trips I had to make, so I asked a lady at the scale if its going to be ok to bring a camera and take a few pictures of the view, she said sure and on the second trip I brought all my gear with me. Here I am on the hill to the side of the road taking photos and there is this pickup truck approaches me, I can tell its an official vehicle of the facility so I am thinking I am in trouble as soon as the guy sees my 70-200. I was wrong the guy told me to go ahead and drive around the hill on the gravel roads if I wanted to get a better view. Something else he told me that I thought was funny that one day a lady came in to their office and told him that she had a weird request to ask, she said that she is having a wedding in a few weeks and she wanted to take pictures with the view of the mountain. When the time came she brought the whole gang over, photographer and video staff.

So this is how this image was born.


Little fact about mt. Rainier it is a volcanic peak in southwestern Washington state. Rising to a height of 14,410 feet (4,395 m), it is the highest peak in the Cascade Range.



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2 Responses to mt. Rainier

  1. Dave says:

    Beautiful photo

  2. Ed says:

    Great shot..:-)

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