My backyard sunset

This image was taken tonight. So I am driving home and see this, and I wish I had a camera on me and my phone battery is dead too. I rush home grab my camera get on the roof of my house and this is what you get.


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3 Responses to My backyard sunset

  1. momofproverbs31 says:


  2. vitfoto says:

    You should have seen me driving home like a kid on the christmas morning hoping i could get home before the sun is gone. Imagine me pulling in to the driveway grabbing camera latter and going up the roof to take a photo because the trees are in the way, the neighbors probably think I am nuts.

  3. Imelda says:

    So gorgeous! I can totally understand why you have to rush home all excited like. How disappointing it would have been to miss out on this beauty.

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