My little world


This is the picture of my house. If you think about it, most of the time it is your whole world.

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15 Responses to My little world

  1. Well said! I’ve been playing with this technique but haven’t quite got it yet. This one looks good.

  2. vitfoto says:

    This image is not ideal for a warp like that eather it was a panorama stitch of about 5 images. I had to do a lot of photoshopping where the two ends meet. You tipicly want to do a 360 panorama ( take pictures untill your back where you started) That way the warp would be a lot smoother and the buildings and other things on horizon will not be so distorted. Another thing make sure the hirizon line is perfectly level so when you warp it matches exactly.

  3. gorgeous! wow!
    and thanks for stopping by plucky umbrella, mary

  4. vitfoto says:

    Don’t worry about it I don’t mind explaining in details, I can talk photography non stop, lol. First thing figure out what will be in the middle of your panorama and stand strait acros it then just turn to your left and pont your camera where you want your panorama to start, zoom your lens all the way out to have the widest angle possible, take your first image and move your camera to your right make sure when taking next photo to overlap the previous by about 25%, keep taking pictures working your way across the whole composition until you have enough images to cover all that you need. Make sure to stand in one spot only move your body. The best thing to do is to put your camera on the tripod if you have one. This technique isalso very useful when taking photos of landscapes or inside building where you cannot back up far enough to have all that you want in one shot.

    This is my Jordanian friend Ehab Othman; an amazing person and brilliant photographer. Thought you might be interested in this particular project of his.

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