House remodel in photoshop

This house was in the middle of remodel to be on the tour of remodeled homes. The newspaper people contacted us for a picture to put in the paper to advertise the tour and they needed it by the end of the day. The house wasn’t even close to being finished, I had to do some photoshop remodeling in like 3 hours to get the picture ready.


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Vashon Island Ferry Ride (iPhone 5)



IMG_1326 IMG_1328IMG_1360 IMG_1374 IMG_1296IMG_1348 IMG_1376 IMG_1380 IMG_1378 IMG_1386 IMG_1401 IMG_1396 IMG_1394 IMG_1335 IMG_1420 IMG_1404 IMG_1418 IMG_1429

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Close Call

This was the first image I took this 4th of July. One of the roman candles got stock inside the tube and blow up on the ground as it should in the sky. I was lucky to capture it.

No one got hurt, thats why I called it close call.


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One of the images from a birthday party I photographed. The original image out of the camera was shot during day time and window was over exposed with nothing interesting in it, I actually thought about deleting it. The reason I kept it was because, I really like the emotion that it shows, it is real and unexpected. The photoshop helped me add my own feel and atmosphere to this image.


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Hyalophora Euryalus

Ceanothus silkmoth is a moth of the Saturniidae family. It is found in the dry intermountain valleys and interior of British Columbia (as far north as Prince George along the Fraser River) south to Baja California.

The wingspan is 89-127 mm. Adults are on wing from January to July depending on the location. There is one generation per year.

Photographed on white foam board, lighted with nikon speed lights. No insects where harmed in making this image the butterfly was released back in to its natural habitat.


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MBA Pierce Golf Classic

This is one of the images from a Master Builders Association of Pierce county Golf Classic  I photographed last Friday.

MBA Golf Classic

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My Tacoma

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Tacoma’s German Catholic community built the first Holy Rosary church in 1891 with volunteer labor because they wanted a church where sermons were given in their native language. Due to Tacoma’s rapid growth, the small wooden church soon became inadequate, and plans were laid for a larger structure. The last Mass in the original church was celebrated on December 8, 1912. For the next decade, Mass was celebrated in the school auditorium while funds were collected for a new church.

Holy Rosary

On May 30, 1920, the cornerstone of the magnificent present church was laid, and it was completed the following year. The beautiful stained glass windows were imported from Belgium. As a finishing touch, the parish installed an excellent eleven rank, electro-pneumatic action pipe organ. The new church was dedicated on November 13, 1922. The church’s architecture is Frankish or Norman Gothic, built in a European cruciform. It is 175 feet long and 92 feet wide, with a seating capacity of 500. The bell tower rises 210 feet above the ground and was originally topped with a cross of plate glass underlaid with gold leaf.

One of the highlights of the Jubilee celebration was the hoisting of a new cross to the top of the bell tower to replace the original cross, which had toppled in the 1965 earthquake. The 16-foot cross is made of heavy aluminum plate, underlaid with gold leaf. It weighs some 200 pounds.

The Benedictine presence ended in 1998, and Holy Rosary is now an archdiocesan parish.

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